List of terms used in the slot machine gambling

List of terms used in the slot machine gambling

The online slot games technology has changes a lot in past years. These changes have given us many new versions of slot games along with new features. This is the reason why the slot games are still loved by the gamblers even though it is a being playing since very long time. The gamblers are finding many interesting offers on the new versions that they are not able to think of any other games of casino. Situs slot tergacor 2021 has many such new versions of slot machine games which will excite you more than before. Along with the new technology update, new terms get added to the game list. Let us see some of the terms which are useful to know.

  • Ways to win: The online casino instead of list the all the wining line, they list only the specific game related number of lines.
  • Video slot: In land based casino the mechanical slot machines did not had any moving parts. But in video you will have the spinning option on the screen with lots of effects. In simple all the online slot games are the video slots.
  • Unique reels: the slot games which use unique reels will not have the standard column layout. Instead the reels will be hexagon, tower or scrolling on side.
  • Tight slots: these are the slot machines which have low return to player money and these types of machine are not in favour of the player.
  • Staggered payout: It is type of payout. If the slot machine which you are using has staggered payout then it will give you huge payout when played with higher stakes.
  • Slot tournament: In slot tournament the players play against each other having a fixed time period or limit in credits. Whoever will have more points at the end of the game that player will be awarded with additions prizes.
  • Slot lever: The slot machines have an arm on its side that is called the slot lever.
  • Select lines: It is an option available on the online casino slot games. When you select this option you will be able to either activate or deactivate the pay lines of your game. Doing this will affect your bet amount and also the chance of getting a payout.
  • Scatter: It is symbol in the slot games which when appears gives a payout to the player and also unlocks some other offers.


Even you were not aware about some of the terms mention above right? Hope this information will gain you some knowledge.

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