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Day: September 7, 2020

The rise of the electronic casino during the COVID period

The rise of the electronic casino during the COVID period

Coronavirus has changed the way that people are playing games. With the pandemic stopping people have started maintaining social distancing and guidelines are given to the players to maintain distance even when they are playing. But one of the lesser-known facts is that COVID has given rise to the emergence of electronic gaming and the electronic terminals are getting so popular day by day. The popularity of real money สูตรสล็อต SA was expected with people finding fewer chances of carrying the virus. Some of the reasons for the rise of the electronic casino are listed as under:

  1. Why people are choosing electronic games over the table games?

Under normal circumstances, people would prefer playing live table games. The first-time people are choosing online games because they are in for any kind of experience. All the companies have changed their tunes with the COVID persisting. Terminals do not have the same atmosphere as tables.

  1. Easier for maintaining social distancing

With the land-based casinos, the players have to maintain one seat apart. And with precautionary measures, they can stop the spread of the disease. Electronic terminals are so much apart. So, gamblers don’t have to worry about catching the virus when they are away from the machine. But it is not that one is completely COVID proof when they are playing electronic games. But there are fewer chances of the virus sticking to the machines.

Playing slot machine games

  1. Less labor for playing

Casinos are all in bad stock now. They are shut presently and trying to increase themselves financially. Employees have to sanitize after every game to keep themselves protected. The same dealer can be seen serving up to 250 slot machines at once.

  1. It has the potential of attracting millennial gamblers

Millennials don’t spend much time playing สูตร SLOT SA GAME and they are more interested in playing table games. These games are attracting millennials because they are electronic land-based games. It is so appealing when considered through the slot machines.

  1. Casinos can be profitable with lower stakes

The brick and mortar casinos have minimum betting ranges from $10 to $25. While for others, the casinos like BlackJack, Baccarat, etc. can be played at $1 per hand. One dealer can be seen running along with the entire game. The operators do not charge in case of minimum wages. They are required to risking players for dollars and can make plenty of money.

Has electronic gaming arrived?

Coronavirus is making the electronic game so popular. Gamblers are choosing over machines from tables for reasons like:

  • Low minimum bets
  • Easier to maintain social distance
  • It can be less intimidating than the live tables

So, go ahead and try the electronic games during the COVID period.

Best reasons to gamble on poker games online

Best reasons to gamble on poker games online

Poker games are most familiar casino games that almost all gamblers will know to play and wager on. There are a lot of variations of poker games and all of them can be played from both land based and online casinos and almost all casinos will allow gamblers to place bets on this game. These days, people are interested to make use of these websites and they are switching from the land based casinos to online sites. There are a lot of reasons for this thing and in this article a few of those reasons are listed. They are listed below and after going through those points, you can decide whether to go for websites or boring traditional form of betting platforms.

  • Convenience – The first reason that you must use internet gambling websites could be none other than convenience. Since on the internet casinos, one will be able to play any game from any place and also in any time, you can enjoy great comfort.
  • Earn money – Another reason why more people love to wager on online casino games like poker is for making some money. As this aspect allows individuals to earn good amount of money in a short time and all one needs is good knowledge about the poker.

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  • No rules – In betting websites like daftar poker idn, there would be no rules and nothing can restrict the punters who have been gambling on poker games. But in case of brick and mortar casinos, there will be nothing to limit them.
  • No limitations – Now coming to time and place restriction and they will be there only in the matter of traditional casino platforms. But when you are thinking to gamble online, no one can stop you from gambling on your favorite casino games.
  • Save time – As you will be able to gamble from anywhere using an internet connection and betting website, you can save time that you need to spend on waiting in front of land casinos for your turn.
  • Save money – Moreover, you can save some money that you will spend on travelling allowances for land casinos that are miles away from your place. So, it is clear that you cannot only earn money but also can save something.

Above listed are some of the best reasons why you must make use of online casinos to gamble on poker games than in offline casinos.



Poker has several variations with different rules and gameplays. Most players only know the traditional variations. They are not aware of the existence of unique poker games. These thrilling games offer a different experience you should try.


Players receive seven cards face down in this game. They roll their own one at a time. There are several betting rounds until there are five face up cards and two face down cards. Vanunu is somehow like an auction. Players can pitch a card back in and buy another card after the dealer deals the last face up card. There is a predetermined amount for an up card and the down card has twice that amount.

Each player drops coins on the table to declare low, high, or both. One coin means low, two means high, and three coins for both. Players who declare both have to win both ways or they will not get any of the pot. If there are several low declarations, the best low hand will get the entire pot with no high hand.

Irish Poker

This variation is a bit of a combination of Texas Hold’em and Omaha. The game starts with each player receiving four cards. A betting round follows pre-flop in the traditional poker style. Players then must discard two cards after betting on the flop. The game continues like in Hold’em. Irish Poker has a bit more swing because of many possibilities of a wrong decision. Discarding the wrong card can be frustrating so you should think well before you discard.


Each player receives five face down cards. The dealer also puts five face down cards in the middle of the table. Each one gets exposed one at a time and a round of betting follows. Players will use any of their hole cards and those on the table after the final round. They need to make their best five-card hand to win the game. It is quite common to have a flush or straight beaten so do not get surprised.

Black Mariah

Also known as Low Chicago, this is another version of Seven-Card Stud. The player with the low spade in the hole will win half the pot. The game is as simple as that. No three-betting and slow playing. There is no in-depth analysis about any hand involved. You only need to be lucky enough to receive the lowest spade and keep that pot building. You can end up getting half of the pot.

Another version of this game is High Chicago. The player with the highest spade in the hole will split the pot. It does not involve any great skills, only pure luck.

These games, like QQ Online, are all great games to try. They offer a unique gaming experience you cannot have in traditional poker games.