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Day: April 16, 2020

The nature of Poker pulsa 10000

The nature of Poker pulsa 10000

Online Poker is a game played virtually on the internet, is just like the physical poker we play in homes. It seems to be an easy and flexible way to play Poker.

It is a cash game with a deck of card symbols; you can play it for free or with cash hands. The poker hands allow you the flexibility of usage in stakes during Poker pulsa 10000. There are millions of people who play this game all over the world and the game itself continuous its journey across different countries.


It has started in the 20th century and taken its journey to a global level. A huge amount of the population has got the idea of playing poker, by movie industries in Hollywood. It became are the regular activity of people for spending time during parties and occasions. Later on, the industry has gone to a further level by acquiring the virtual world. Now this game has enriched its peak on the Internet. Instead of the prohibition of Online Gambling, Itis legal in the United States.

How to play:

Unlike real poker, there are hundreds of ways to Play Poker Online. Some of the general rules are being mentioned below;

  • Depending on the game rules, it is played by 2 players or more where a player shuffles the deck of cards and some initial amount of money is been placed on the table.
  • After the first deal, some rounds of betting is being done.
  • Between rounds players’ try to develop by dealing with additional cards or replacing cards.
  • During the betting round, there will be a total amount of money of the player who made the last betting is the current bet amount.
  • Then the cards start splashing on the pot.
  • There may be several betting rounds throughout the game but, if one of the players makes a bet and all the rest players fold then it is the end of the deal.
  • Then the player who remains single is awarded.

poker rules

This are the basic rules of a poker game. By taking it into a virtual world, it seems flexible and easy to play over different locations.

  • There are also betting styles in virtual poker. Some of the common styles are,
  • No-Limit
  • Limit
  • Pot-Limit

Offline vs. Online Poker:

  • The flexibility of usage, and location.
  • Can play poker live.
  • Versatility on apps according to the need of the user.
  • Some apps may also guide you through the rules of Virtual Poker.
  • No need for “poker-face”.


Poker is a traditional and mortar betting game. It is a dream for some people to play poker the way it was. But Online Poker allows playing live on a platform to a huge amount of population in the world. For a lot of people, this is far easier & affordable than that of the traditional one.