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Day: November 1, 2019

Poker Tournaments: Learn to win First!

Poker Tournaments: Learn to win First!

If you remember the story, the first poker tournament is nothing more than a game in which the winner receives everything. It seems logical that whoever wins will be the one who can take all the money home. Although he who is going to win is waiting for a big pot of gold, he never received favorable support from the people. When poker begins to innovate, it makes sense to have a gradual payment so that several players receive an incentive to play.

Therefore, these days around 10 percent of the total number of players should receive a cash prize.

When the final table of the tournament is reached, the prize money is expected to be very heavy, and that most of it is distributed among the three best players. The only drawback here is that there is enormous instability in the final table of each poker tournament, since the blinds are often high compared to the normal stack. To cope with this volatility and avoid spending thousands of dollars to lick, most players have a habit of closing the final table. Currently, such an agreement is part of any absolute tactic of the idnpoker tournament.


You do not need to worry about closing a deal, as it is completely legal and is not prohibited by many tournament organizers. However, Series of Poker and World Poker Tour generally prohibit offers, since they decrease the enthusiasm for playing at the final tables, which is generally a great attraction for such tournaments. However, if you want to play it in your small online buy-in, as well as in local casino tournaments, then there is no problem. If you wish to make a deal, it would be advisable to involve the tournament staff to ensure fairness.

The most common type of transaction is known as a chip counting transaction, in which the prize is distributed depending on the amount each player has. Typically, ten percent of the total prize is given to players to continue the competition, the rest is provided according to the chip counting transaction. However, this is not the only agreement that can be made, since all players are free to work on the agreement they wish to conclude.


Other tips on how to win in a poker tournament, you can see what other professional players will do. You can go from one blog to another to get several tips. Do not worry about the time spent during the “search” process, as you can simply bring this ticket to fame. Remember that there is always a starting point for everyone; Even the most famous player has to go through this stage before he can be known.