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Day: September 10, 2019

Easy and Fun Ways To Play Domino99

Easy and Fun Ways To Play Domino99

Domino99 is a 4-domino cards game played by 2 to 6 players. Also known as Kiu Kiu and 99 games, it’s quite popular in the South East Asia and Indonesian countries. The game requires you to create pairs of two cards from the given four cards. It’s made up of 28 differently valued cards, and every player has to play four cards. The highest value a player can earn from the game is 99 and the lowest 00, and that’s why it’s called domino-99. The game is challenging, and that’s why you have to learn the basics of playing it like a pro.

Place Small Bets when Starting Out

Don’t play all your bankroll at once when starting. Domino99 is a tricky game and losing is expected for starters. Playing small bets one after the other creates room for you to master the game and get to win. Even if you have sufficient experience, greed will only destroy your chances of winning as you will likely play bigger bets on standard tables hence losing more. You will enjoy the game more and earn more if you play several rounds of small dominoes.

Analyze the Game Well

You cannot play Qiu Qiu while absent-minded and expect positive results. Concentration and focusing are fundamental requirements in playing domino tables.  You must analyze the domino well so that you can forecast the expected game table card and winning possibility.   Once you have examined the game and mastered it in and out, it will then be time to make play decisions that will trigger victory.

Move the Game Table

Changing the domino tables is a simple yet efficient way to increase the winning chances.  If winning in the current table proves difficult, you should consider moving to the next table. A new table presents newer opportunities and increases your chances of winning more.

Get Enough Capital

Modern poker rooms have a round system, which requires every player to continue betting if they have to stay in the game.   It works in such a way that a player has to keep betting as per the guidelines to keep on playing and move to the next round. When you have enough bankroll, it will be easier to offset your opponent’s game and make it impossible for him or her to win you.


You’ve to know a whole lot about domino99 and how to play like an expert if you have to manage your bankroll professionally and win bigger amounts. Games like domino99 are complex and need real expertise and professionalism for you to play longer and win more. The article above has outlined the basic strategies to follow for you to play this game and win more without having to invest a lot of time and money.